First of all, I appreciate things have been a little quiet as of late and I need to take the blame for that as when our mod team is responding and creating new challenges, I know we can be fairly busy within our little forum group, so I'm really sorry for that, everyone!

Between the forum exploding (RIP), rebuilding, going on holiday straight after and then getting a new job after that, I've not been as productive as I would have liked to have been, but now that things are settling and nine years worth of work related stress and depression are lifting, I'll definitely be more active, so hopefully we can bring in some new challenges and some forum gifts  bear

Thank you all so much for making the forum the fun, welcoming, nerdy place that it has been for the last couple of years  Heart

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I could be a lot more active and participate more than I am, so it's not all to do with you. You have nothing to apologise for. You do so much!  Heart Heart Heart
Thank you <3 It has been an interesting year!

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