[TS4] Everything Spoons Does in TS4
I've always found TS4 more suitable for one-offs and scene-setting, than for ongoing projects (like world / townie makeovers), or for sustained gameplay. I also play it less than I play TS3, so I figured it would be easier to throw everything in here, without distinguishing between building / decorating and CAS.

I used to go in CAS a lot more, not so much these days. Still, I managed to come up with some new faces:

[Image: 5kpYtFWf7vyIef5IaocxysKSuMfhWFShw7diJHrL...Ki=s968-no]

I have no idea what to name her, but I am getting serious Russian / Ukrainian vibes from the way her face looks. She's also going to be a ballet dancer. That's all I've decided about her, though, as she was literally just the result of hitting the randomize button a few times and playing around with the results.

More CAS-view pictures:

[Image: r9PBStkWj_2df0AvrcXHvFuvNao0y2Mk_P0ARUJp...AT=s968-no]

I also made the Swiss actress Irene Jacob (who starred in La Double Vie de Veronique, one of my favorite movies).

[Image: gu7ntiqeU5gBYeSgnSPGxDhlfMDoaFeOeKfCR8VK...Fd=s968-no]

She had an interesting face to make, in that her features look deceptively soft and blended from the front, but quite strong and assertive in profile... I had to really go through the WHOLE preset panel to even find jaw and nose presets that would give me the size / protrusion levels I wanted. But I'm happy with the results. I even made a couple of custom hair colors for her (one of which you see here).
For some random building pics, a Scandinavian-style house I copied off of one of FredBrenny's TS3 lots. (You might have seen it on the forum Discord, since I shared some pics way back when.) Fred based hers on the Emil Cottage in Sweden, though I took a look and the real Emil Cottage seems a lot smaller than her version:

[Image: qZFlzhGKReUUg4uOpYWI10ciZntgDFCUEr8-Fbl0...03-h968-no]
[Image: mkrvtMBtwEsflvx-5wLzeleRwHLSndO1ihSjYc7V...03-h968-no]
[Image: 1jUhFAeU1xohXP4S2Pi7sCW1sKpzbCOZqUHNzH2_...03-h968-no]

I added a little sauna for more of that Scandi flair, though it looks a bit misshapen!

I also did a TS4 version of a Victorian-style house by the same creator, originally on a lot in Newcrest. Here, a view from the dining room, decorated for holiday festivities:

[Image: dQJ3ET5ID3pPsYcLnzwCkwlJKUZEz5Gk1B1vILkg...50-h968-no]

Lastly, some random shots I snapped when I discovered Windenburg gets slabs of ice on the river in winter. I thought that was a really nice touch:

[Image: 6rY-hWmuiD5BdCoKakQvsyM0qgOXuoAkRrCjv8f0...03-h968-no]
[Image: xtCCWkI92KjXU9d7jaw5hHrWPaLxheqpl_rZypEP...03-h968-no]
Windenburg in winter is so pretty !! You make me want to try out TS4 !
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