[TS4] Missy's Sims 4 Musings
Until last night, I hadn't explored the Sims 4 toddlers before, so here's a small picspam of some of their facial expressions because  Heart

Pazir giving his baby brother Seth a hug:
[Image: i6qz4sy.png]

Ra having trouble standing upright  Tongue
[Image: qalfzPF.png]

[Image: 2gN02rk.png]

[Image: VSCYgzw.png]

Seth doesn't like being restrained in the high chair!  Sad
[Image: SfDukA8.png]

Night night, Ra  Heart
[Image: xuIhC5U.png]

A little piece of me died because this is the most adorable thing I've seen  Heart
[Image: kaGT4tJ.png]

While Mummy was telling him off:
[Image: EyWVpPu.png]

Aaah they are precious! Aside from insta-walking, I think that I love the TS4 toddlers the most.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Quote:[Image: 2gN02rk.png]
Adorable!!!!! They all are, but this one is my favourite!
I love the picture where Raj is struggling to maintain his balance!

I totally love the toddlers as well, that's one thing that TS4 has going for it, hands down. I wish I knew a way to port the TS4 mesh to TS3 for toddlers. It wouldn't make TS3 toddlers as good, but it might make them better!
Quote:[Image: qalfzPF.png]

Hahahahahahaha, this picture is making me happy! XD
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