[TS4] A Little Piece of England - A BACC ~ Save Lost, No More Updates
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I've always loved the BACC idea and since Purzel's ruleset suits my needs so perfectly by being so flexible, I have to give this a shot. I'm tweaking some of the rules slightly to suit myself.

I've put the age span onto Long. I like spending time with my sims and I hate the thought of all work and no play. Thus my sims will live longer but it won't be just for the sake of gaining skills - they'll be making friends and focusing on their families as well. 

I've got my seasons set to 14 days. Since the age span is longer, everyone should get a chance in each season but I'll see how this works out in my actual gameplay. So this may get tweaked if it doesn't work out.

I'll spend a week with each household, starting with my founder, George Harrington. I'll change over on Sunday, 6am every week. I started with what I call the Introductory Week, with all my founders on the same lot to give them a chance to get to know each other. After the Intro Week, the founders move into their own homes and the challenge kicks off properly from there.


~ Founders and their Backstory
~ Introductory Week
~ Round 1 - [Harrington][Stanton]

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