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The Founders and their Backstory

The Founder of A Little Piece of England is George Harrington. He is joined by his two friends, James Worthington and William Stanton and both their wives, Claudia Worthington and Emily Stanton. George himself is unmarried.

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George Harrington comes from an ancient aristocratic line based in London, England and Oxfordshire. He went to boarding school from the age of seven and graduated from Oxford University with a First. However, he fell out with his family shortly after his graduation when he declared himself 'unemployed and proud of it'. His father insisted he find a suitable job and set him up with a large bank in London. George, along with his childhood friends James and William, decided he wanted freedom. So he was banished from the estate and, still on his high horse, travelled to a small, quiet piece of English countryside to set up a community of his own.

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James Worthington is also from an aristocratic family and is a childhood friend of George Harrington and William Stanton. James went to boarding school from the age of seven and attended Oxford, where he graduated with a First to the delight of his parents. He married Claudia Barrington, the daughter of his father's childhood friend Edward. However, relations between him and his parents went sour when he declared solidarity with George and insisted upon freedom and independence. He and Emily joined George in the quest for a new community.

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Claudia Worthington (nee Barrington) is the daughter of a Lord and a member of the upper class. She attended Oxford University, where she met her husband James. They married shortly after graduating and moved into an apartment owned by James' family. Claudia lost contact with her parents when they disapproved of her supporting James and his friends, George and William, in their quest for an independent community.

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William Stanton is the childhood friend of George Harrington and James Worthington. William is a Cambridge man, after having attended the same boarding school as George and James. The trio decided to set up their own community after their parents attempted to force them all into work they didn't like, shortly after William's marriage to Emily Shortcross. Emily supported William and the couple followed their friends to the English countryside to begin anew.

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Emily Stanton (nee Shortcross) attended Cambridge University where she met her husband, William. She quarrelled with her parents over her choice of university (her father was a Lord and an Oxford man and disapproved of her Cambridge education) and thus she was cut off after her marriage to William. Emily supported William when he too quarrelled with his family and together, they accompanied their friends on a life-altering journey.

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