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Introducing...Harrington House:
[Image: 0ULiA4f.jpg]

The Introductory Week

The five friends gathered outside Harrington House, George's brand new home. The houses for the Worthingtons and the Stantons were still being built and George had suggested they all 'bunk' in together for the first week.

[Image: TQ369v7.png]

Emily didn't really know George that well. She had briefly wondered at the wisdom of the adventure but had decided against passing judgement. George thanked her for joining them on their journey. He had set up a Founders Council, containing the five of them, and was calling a meeting on their first morning in Pennington.

[Image: 2cODMgb.png]

William lit a fire and the council gathered around.
"I'd like to thank all of you for joining me on this venture," George began.
"Hear, hear!" James cried.
"I know things will be difficult for a short while as we grasp our surroundings but I know if we stick together we'll muddle through somehow!" George continued.
"Hear, hear!" James cried.
Emily and Claudia wished George had decided to make his big move in the summer, rather than in the spring...

[Image: psIDuNK.png]

After the meeting, William took himself off for a jog around the area. Being the most athletic of the group, he found jogging very relaxing and it gave him a chance to explore the area straight away. Thankfully, it was a beautiful morning in Pennington and he found the country roads to be simply delightful.

[Image: znutYFD.png]

The group ate a hearty breakfast of fruit salad the following morning.
"I think this fruit salad's a bit orf, don't you know?" James commented after his first spoonful.
"I think you'll find the fruit is tinned." George replied. "I didn't know how to make a fresh fruit salad."

[Image: UvCdxqZ.png]

One slight drawback to this idea of George's was indeed the lack of electricity. William had suggested after his morning run that perhaps someone should study up and develop their handiness abilities and provide the community with the lightbulb. George thought this was a most excellent idea and set to work straight away. He thought perhaps a planter would be appropriate, given that the tinned supplies of food would not last as long as George had hoped.

[Image: XH7xAUU.png]

The first few days passed without major incident. On a run, William had discovered an easel on the hilltop, overlooking the lake. Knowing his wife, Emily, adored painting, he suggested she might like to try it out. So she picked a dry day in the middle of the week and trekked over to the spot and painting contentedly for several hours, to the sound of the ducks quacking on the pond and the bees buzzing among the flowers. It was very idyllic.

[Image: pu32yY4.png]

Claudia took up yoga as a means of relaxation. She was rather frustrated at the lack of electricity and bored with sitting round the fire every day. She was certain she'd remembered doing yoga before with her friends at university. Or perhaps she'd gone to the class and watched her friends. Or maybe they'd all watched the class. Or maybe they'd just seen a video of it. Actually, come to think of it, she was certain they'd stood next to a woman doing yoga outside a club in their final year. Yes, that was it. Anyway, she was convinced it would all be easy.

[Image: 7qtI9a6.png]

"Can't believe the first week's gone, George." William commented as the three friends sat together around the fire on Saturday evening.
"Are your houses ready now?" George asked.
"Almost. We just need our basic furniture sent over," William answered confidently. "I'm sure it will all go fine. We all have our part to play."
"Hear, hear!" cried James.
George, however, was having second thoughts. It would be awfully lonely, after the other chaps moved out. Wouldn't it?

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