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Round #1

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George indeed found it difficult after the two couples moved into their own homes. The first day by himself he suddenly realised he'd given up almost everything on a principle. He hid under the covers to avoid anyone seeing his shame and minor breakdown. He felt so terribly lonely.

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He invited his friends round for a small gathering (Weenie Roast)*. The fire was lit and he settled down for a good story with his childhood friends. Both William and James were finding the transition harder than they'd expected since moving into their own homes.**

*Gameplay Note: George isn't very good at hosting gatherings. He tried two Weenie Roasts and they were absolutely terrible. I don't think campfires are really his thing Mosking
**Gameplay Note: James arrived at the party Sad and William was Angry. I couldn't help laughing. They really have come down in the world Mosking

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At the party, Claudia suggested George take up yoga to relax him when he's feeling tense. The following day, George had a dreadful day; it had been raining all day, the washing line broke and the toilet broke down so he gave it a try. He's still not sure what to think.

[Image: KbRiWZA.png]

Surprisingly, George did feel better after his yoga session. He celebrated with some garlic noodles, to show off his newly acquired Gourmet Cooking skill. He felt like everything was coming together now he could make some better, posher meals!

[Image: kDlTWBv.png]

Of course, things would be better if he didn't have to hand-wash his clothes every day. This system was making his poor arms ache and his knees wet every time he had to kneel on the grass to scrub his clothes.

[Image: e1fe6AF.png]

To round the week off, George crafted his own dining table and chair. Feeling smug, he prepared a gourmet dish of Pasta Primavera, poured some celebratory orange juice and sat back for dinner.

George didn't unlock anything this week.

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