[TS4] A Little Piece of England - A BACC ~ Save Lost, No More Updates
It does them no harm to live a bit  Tongue Thanks Alex  Heart 

Round #1

[Image: hI34SaT.png]

Larklane Cottage, home to William and Emily Stanton.

[Image: 7Z2DQZh.png]

Rulezzz_08  "It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning..."
William and Emily fought back against the heatwave with a water balloon fight. In spit of the clouds overhead, it was still very hot and this seemed the best (and most fun) way to keep cool.

*Gameplay Note: William LOVES this game, in spite of being a snob. He's always autonomously starting a fight and puts in multiple whims. It's so unlike the character I expected!  Sarcastic_hand 

[Image: 2iVYQen.png]

William's cooking, however, leaves a lot to be desired. He tried showing off by throwing the bottles in the air but it didn't quite go as expected. He didn't burn breakfast though, so that was something.

[Image: hjtkw4Y.png]

That afternoon, Emily had some news for William. The news made him very happy indeed. This beautiful summer just got a hell of a lot better!

[Image: vPZGzrd.png]

George called round and invited the council on a little outing to the Bluffs to cool off in the heat. A natural swimming pool was perfect for them and it gave Emily the ideal opportunity to share her news with the rest of the founders. It certainly was very exciting news. George could hardly contain himself, he was so excited.

[Image: RnV1HEV.png]

Emily's a keen gardener and wants to do her bit to open up a park in Pennington so she's harvesting the plants around the lake and fields and planting them up in her garden. She'd making plenty of notes because one day, she wants to host a gardener's coffee group and discuss all sorts of garden related topics.

[Image: HHT7c8h.png]

She did a little harvesting in the local area. Whenever William's out on his morning run, he makes note of the locations of wild plants he finds. Emily then goes off to harvest, and brings them home. This afternoon was a beautiful one and she took the scenic route home, across the lake. She admired the ducks and even the family with ducklings in the distance.

[Image: 9GUuw3n.png]

William grabbed a quiet moment while his wife rested in the house to sunbathe in the garden in his swim shorts. This first summer in Pennington couldn't be any better.

[Image: i3t60j5.png]

This was the excellent news! Tara Stanton is the first child born in Pennington!

[Image: UQBzvAP.png]

Some of William's enthusiasm for fitness rubbed off on Emily and she'd working on getting her figure back as soon as possible. When she was supposed to be painting.

[Image: LeBsfTP.png]

William is also turning out to be a wonderful, attentive father to little Tara. He's always cuddling her, talking to her or rocking her to sleep. So very sweet  Heart 

[Image: yevpbm5.png]

He was later invited to another council meeting. Emily declined as somebody needed to be home with Tara. William also had another announcement to make to the other council members...

William didn't unlock anything this week.
Emily didn't unlock anything this week.

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