[TS4] A Little Piece of England - A BACC ~ Save Lost, No More Updates
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I've always loved the BACC idea and since Purzel's ruleset suits my needs so perfectly by being so flexible, I have to give this a shot. I'm tweaking some of the rules slightly to suit myself.

I've put the age span onto Long. I like spending time with my sims and I hate the thought of all work and no play. Thus my sims will live longer but it won't be just for the sake of gaining skills - they'll be making friends and focusing on their families as well. 

I've got my seasons set to 14 days. Since the age span is longer, everyone should get a chance in each season but I'll see how this works out in my actual gameplay. So this may get tweaked if it doesn't work out.

I'll spend a week with each household, starting with my founder, George Harrington. I'll change over on Sunday, 6am every week. I started with what I call the Introductory Week, with all my founders on the same lot to give them a chance to get to know each other. After the Intro Week, the founders move into their own homes and the challenge kicks off properly from there.


~ Founders and their Backstory
~ Introductory Week
~ Round 1 - [Harrington][Stanton]

The Founders and their Backstory

The Founder of A Little Piece of England is George Harrington. He is joined by his two friends, James Worthington and William Stanton and both their wives, Claudia Worthington and Emily Stanton. George himself is unmarried.

[Image: IblDPFd.jpg]

George Harrington comes from an ancient aristocratic line based in London, England and Oxfordshire. He went to boarding school from the age of seven and graduated from Oxford University with a First. However, he fell out with his family shortly after his graduation when he declared himself 'unemployed and proud of it'. His father insisted he find a suitable job and set him up with a large bank in London. George, along with his childhood friends James and William, decided he wanted freedom. So he was banished from the estate and, still on his high horse, travelled to a small, quiet piece of English countryside to set up a community of his own.

[Image: bLzZ4Rt.jpg]

James Worthington is also from an aristocratic family and is a childhood friend of George Harrington and William Stanton. James went to boarding school from the age of seven and attended Oxford, where he graduated with a First to the delight of his parents. He married Claudia Barrington, the daughter of his father's childhood friend Edward. However, relations between him and his parents went sour when he declared solidarity with George and insisted upon freedom and independence. He and Emily joined George in the quest for a new community.

[Image: yhjP3R4.jpg]

Claudia Worthington (nee Barrington) is the daughter of a Lord and a member of the upper class. She attended Oxford University, where she met her husband James. They married shortly after graduating and moved into an apartment owned by James' family. Claudia lost contact with her parents when they disapproved of her supporting James and his friends, George and William, in their quest for an independent community.

[Image: yJWuz3b.jpg]

William Stanton is the childhood friend of George Harrington and James Worthington. William is a Cambridge man, after having attended the same boarding school as George and James. The trio decided to set up their own community after their parents attempted to force them all into work they didn't like, shortly after William's marriage to Emily Shortcross. Emily supported William and the couple followed their friends to the English countryside to begin anew.

[Image: T55gbSY.jpg]

Emily Stanton (nee Shortcross) attended Cambridge University where she met her husband, William. She quarrelled with her parents over her choice of university (her father was a Lord and an Oxford man and disapproved of her Cambridge education) and thus she was cut off after her marriage to William. Emily supported William when he too quarrelled with his family and together, they accompanied their friends on a life-altering journey.

Introducing...Harrington House:
[Image: 0ULiA4f.jpg]

The Introductory Week

The five friends gathered outside Harrington House, George's brand new home. The houses for the Worthingtons and the Stantons were still being built and George had suggested they all 'bunk' in together for the first week.

[Image: TQ369v7.png]

Emily didn't really know George that well. She had briefly wondered at the wisdom of the adventure but had decided against passing judgement. George thanked her for joining them on their journey. He had set up a Founders Council, containing the five of them, and was calling a meeting on their first morning in Pennington.

[Image: 2cODMgb.png]

William lit a fire and the council gathered around.
"I'd like to thank all of you for joining me on this venture," George began.
"Hear, hear!" James cried.
"I know things will be difficult for a short while as we grasp our surroundings but I know if we stick together we'll muddle through somehow!" George continued.
"Hear, hear!" James cried.
Emily and Claudia wished George had decided to make his big move in the summer, rather than in the spring...

[Image: psIDuNK.png]

After the meeting, William took himself off for a jog around the area. Being the most athletic of the group, he found jogging very relaxing and it gave him a chance to explore the area straight away. Thankfully, it was a beautiful morning in Pennington and he found the country roads to be simply delightful.

[Image: znutYFD.png]

The group ate a hearty breakfast of fruit salad the following morning.
"I think this fruit salad's a bit orf, don't you know?" James commented after his first spoonful.
"I think you'll find the fruit is tinned." George replied. "I didn't know how to make a fresh fruit salad."

[Image: UvCdxqZ.png]

One slight drawback to this idea of George's was indeed the lack of electricity. William had suggested after his morning run that perhaps someone should study up and develop their handiness abilities and provide the community with the lightbulb. George thought this was a most excellent idea and set to work straight away. He thought perhaps a planter would be appropriate, given that the tinned supplies of food would not last as long as George had hoped.

[Image: XH7xAUU.png]

The first few days passed without major incident. On a run, William had discovered an easel on the hilltop, overlooking the lake. Knowing his wife, Emily, adored painting, he suggested she might like to try it out. So she picked a dry day in the middle of the week and trekked over to the spot and painting contentedly for several hours, to the sound of the ducks quacking on the pond and the bees buzzing among the flowers. It was very idyllic.

[Image: pu32yY4.png]

Claudia took up yoga as a means of relaxation. She was rather frustrated at the lack of electricity and bored with sitting round the fire every day. She was certain she'd remembered doing yoga before with her friends at university. Or perhaps she'd gone to the class and watched her friends. Or maybe they'd all watched the class. Or maybe they'd just seen a video of it. Actually, come to think of it, she was certain they'd stood next to a woman doing yoga outside a club in their final year. Yes, that was it. Anyway, she was convinced it would all be easy.

[Image: 7qtI9a6.png]

"Can't believe the first week's gone, George." William commented as the three friends sat together around the fire on Saturday evening.
"Are your houses ready now?" George asked.
"Almost. We just need our basic furniture sent over," William answered confidently. "I'm sure it will all go fine. We all have our part to play."
"Hear, hear!" cried James.
George, however, was having second thoughts. It would be awfully lonely, after the other chaps moved out. Wouldn't it?

Aww, it's pretty interesting having them all live in the same house. George, I wouldn't be looking forward to having the other chaps move out either!
Thanks Spoons  Heart

Round #1

[Image: xzztU0K.png]

George indeed found it difficult after the two couples moved into their own homes. The first day by himself he suddenly realised he'd given up almost everything on a principle. He hid under the covers to avoid anyone seeing his shame and minor breakdown. He felt so terribly lonely.

[Image: A18eqCQ.png]

He invited his friends round for a small gathering (Weenie Roast)*. The fire was lit and he settled down for a good story with his childhood friends. Both William and James were finding the transition harder than they'd expected since moving into their own homes.**

*Gameplay Note: George isn't very good at hosting gatherings. He tried two Weenie Roasts and they were absolutely terrible. I don't think campfires are really his thing Mosking
**Gameplay Note: James arrived at the party Sad and William was Angry. I couldn't help laughing. They really have come down in the world Mosking

[Image: 68842R9.png]

At the party, Claudia suggested George take up yoga to relax him when he's feeling tense. The following day, George had a dreadful day; it had been raining all day, the washing line broke and the toilet broke down so he gave it a try. He's still not sure what to think.

[Image: KbRiWZA.png]

Surprisingly, George did feel better after his yoga session. He celebrated with some garlic noodles, to show off his newly acquired Gourmet Cooking skill. He felt like everything was coming together now he could make some better, posher meals!

[Image: kDlTWBv.png]

Of course, things would be better if he didn't have to hand-wash his clothes every day. This system was making his poor arms ache and his knees wet every time he had to kneel on the grass to scrub his clothes.

[Image: e1fe6AF.png]

To round the week off, George crafted his own dining table and chair. Feeling smug, he prepared a gourmet dish of Pasta Primavera, poured some celebratory orange juice and sat back for dinner.

George didn't unlock anything this week.

Ohh I love these challenges and you're totally going to ace it Smile Those poor boys having to rough it in the 'real' world lolol!

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It does them no harm to live a bit  Tongue Thanks Alex  Heart 

Round #1

[Image: hI34SaT.png]

Larklane Cottage, home to William and Emily Stanton.

[Image: 7Z2DQZh.png]

Rulezzz_08  "It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning..."
William and Emily fought back against the heatwave with a water balloon fight. In spit of the clouds overhead, it was still very hot and this seemed the best (and most fun) way to keep cool.

*Gameplay Note: William LOVES this game, in spite of being a snob. He's always autonomously starting a fight and puts in multiple whims. It's so unlike the character I expected!  Sarcastic_hand 

[Image: 2iVYQen.png]

William's cooking, however, leaves a lot to be desired. He tried showing off by throwing the bottles in the air but it didn't quite go as expected. He didn't burn breakfast though, so that was something.

[Image: hjtkw4Y.png]

That afternoon, Emily had some news for William. The news made him very happy indeed. This beautiful summer just got a hell of a lot better!

[Image: vPZGzrd.png]

George called round and invited the council on a little outing to the Bluffs to cool off in the heat. A natural swimming pool was perfect for them and it gave Emily the ideal opportunity to share her news with the rest of the founders. It certainly was very exciting news. George could hardly contain himself, he was so excited.

[Image: RnV1HEV.png]

Emily's a keen gardener and wants to do her bit to open up a park in Pennington so she's harvesting the plants around the lake and fields and planting them up in her garden. She'd making plenty of notes because one day, she wants to host a gardener's coffee group and discuss all sorts of garden related topics.

[Image: HHT7c8h.png]

She did a little harvesting in the local area. Whenever William's out on his morning run, he makes note of the locations of wild plants he finds. Emily then goes off to harvest, and brings them home. This afternoon was a beautiful one and she took the scenic route home, across the lake. She admired the ducks and even the family with ducklings in the distance.

[Image: 9GUuw3n.png]

William grabbed a quiet moment while his wife rested in the house to sunbathe in the garden in his swim shorts. This first summer in Pennington couldn't be any better.

[Image: i3t60j5.png]

This was the excellent news! Tara Stanton is the first child born in Pennington!

[Image: UQBzvAP.png]

Some of William's enthusiasm for fitness rubbed off on Emily and she'd working on getting her figure back as soon as possible. When she was supposed to be painting.

[Image: LeBsfTP.png]

William is also turning out to be a wonderful, attentive father to little Tara. He's always cuddling her, talking to her or rocking her to sleep. So very sweet  Heart 

[Image: yevpbm5.png]

He was later invited to another council meeting. Emily declined as somebody needed to be home with Tara. William also had another announcement to make to the other council members...

William didn't unlock anything this week.
Emily didn't unlock anything this week.

For a snob, William is actually doing quite well! He's adjusting really nicely, and the pictures of him with his daughter make me go d'awww!
What a gorgeous little cottage! This sort of challenge must be hard for a snob like William though, so kudos to him Smile

Also, James has the most adorable face!

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